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In October 2022, UNFPA China and Sheng Wang launched their partnership to leverage innovation and technology to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The partnership will help reach at least 10,000 students across China with UNFPA’s adolescent health education courses through real-time engagement technologies provided by Sheng Wang and its partners. 


Since being endorsed by the General Assembly in 1999, 12 August has marked International Youth Day to acknowledge and amplify the importance of youth participation in current affairs. UNFPA champions the rights of young people and works toward enabling them to fulfill their potential. 

This year’s theme is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages” to combat ageism and build bridges between generations. Mr. Langjia Ziyu, a young Chinese craftsman sat down with Dr. Justine Coulson, the UNFPA Representative in China. They discussed ageism, and exchanged ideas on how the younger and older generations can work together for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Since being endorsed by the General Assembly in 1999, 12 August has marked International Youth Day to acknowledge and amplify the importance of youth participation in current affairs. 

This year’s theme is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages”. Young people sat down with the UN Country Team members in China, exchanging views on comating ageism and building bridges between generations for achieving sustainable development. 








In order to expand the global supply base for improving access to quality reproductive health commodities in developing countries, UNFPA China in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce of China organized a capacity-building workshop for Chinese suppliers in May 2021.
The workshop mobilized internal and external resource persons from UNFPA China Office, UNFPA Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, UNFPA Procurement Service Branch, the World Health Organization Geneva Office, and the National Medical Products Administration. 

It shared detailed information on analysis of UNFPA global procurement data, performance of Chinese manufacturers, international quality standards for health products, and case studies of UNFPA's prequalification and procurement processes.
During the workshop, a network of national consultants composed of successful suppliers to UN procurement was also set up, which will help implement future capacity building activities.




With the funding support from UNFPA Innovation Fund and the Danish Government, UNFPA China's pilot project designed and implemented with Marie Stopes International China on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) offers an innovative solution for provision of sexuality education through live streaming to young people in remote areas.




Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people around the world are facing unexpected challenges: restricted movement, lack of choice, struggles to find work and increasing stigma.


But for people with disabilities, these challenges have always existed and the pandemic has made things worse. Now, more than ever, these challenges need to be addressed.


People with disabilities have the right to make choices about their lives for themselves.