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12 September 2019 - China Global TV Network (CGTN)
       Population aging has become a global trend, to which China isn't immune. Effective from 1982, trying to develop the policies and programs to promote the learning, social participation, and also the health of the older adults, we have seen rapid development.  
12 September 2019 - China Daily
The UN Population Fund, or UNFPA, was introduced in China in 1979, just after the start of the country's reform and opening-up policy. At the time, the nation was also facing a serious challenge - its continually-expanding huge population.
5 September 2019 - Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 
Skewed sex ratio at birth is by definition a multi-faceted problem, driven by a declining fertility rate, the rise of technology and strong son preference.
18 July 2019 - Daily Graphic (Ghanaian national newspaper)
The phenomenon of ‘left-behind children’ is faced by most developing countries as parents leave their children to work in places or countries where the economy is doing well.
25 April 2019 - China Daily
In most of the countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road which together form the Belt and Road Initiative, including China, young people aged between 10 and 24 years make up about one-fifth of the population and are a critical group within their societies.
12 April 2019 - China Daily
There needs more efforts to secure women's reproductive rights, and China vows to keep working with the international community to further promote the development of the population affairs both inside and outside the country.
11 April 2019 - Xinhuanet.com
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) launched its annual flagship report -- State of World Population -- in Beijing Thursday, calling for the full realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.
22 March 2019 - China Today
Population development has always been a fundamental, overall and strategic issue facing human society. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's population structure has undergone major transformations, and there will be landmark changes in the near future.
14 February 2019 - China Daily
Spring Festival, celebrating the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, is unique beyond being the most important festival in the world's most populous country.
8 January 2019 - China Daily
The global population is becoming older due mainly to fewer children being born, reinforced by people living much longer. China is now home to the largest number of elderly people and their size is increasing faster than in most other aging countries, with the fastest increase happening among the oldest old (aged 80 or above).