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2019 Training Workshop on Population Data Collection and Population Projection

I. Background
Population data collection and projection play crucial roles in the national strategy and decision making and exert deep influence on the economic, social, and political development of each country. As a national level think tank in the field of population and development, China Population and Research Center (CPDRC), is continuously dedicated to building a full-featured population information collection and analysis system. It has successfully developed the population projection software of PADIS-INT in 2011 and has been widely used both at home and abroad.

Established under the joint support of Chinese Government and UNFPA at CPDRC in May of 2017, the Population and Development South-South Cooperation Centre of Excellence (PDSSC) is expected to render technical support for South-South Cooperation on Population and Development. PDSSC will periodically organize training to specialists and decision-makers on data for population and development - census, sampling, birth registration, population projection and development planning - as one of the major pillars of its activities. The training workshop on "population data collection and population projection" is one of the training activity series it offers. From Dec 3rd to 7th of 2018 the first training workshop was held at CPDRC and participants from Africa, South-Asia, and Oceania attended and gave this workshop very positive feedback.

II. The 2019 training workshop on "population data collection and population projection"
1. Host: China Population and Development Research Center, UNFPA, Population and Development South-South Cooperation Centre of Excellence (PDSSC)
Technical Support: Digital China Health
2. Time: 4 days, OCT 22 -25th (from Tuesday to Friday)
3. Venue: Nanjing International Training Center for Population Program, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
4. Content:
4.1 Vital statistics, sample survey technology and innovative population data collection system in China
4.2 Population projection methodology
4.3 Population projection using PADIS-INT
4.4 Experience-sharing on population data collection and projection among workshop participants.
4.5 Field visit for on-site observation of data collection during the China 2019 Population Sampling Survey by National Bureau of Statistics (TBD).
Finalized training programme and other useful information will be available to be freely downloaded from late August 2019 at
5. Lecturers and tutors: Staff from CPDRC, Digital China Health, National Bureau of Statistics as well as other invited experts
6. Participants: Up to 15 persons from developing countries working for population-related government bodies, national statistics offices or academic institutions who understand demography and population issues and possess a certain level of computer literacy.
The quota allocation follows the principle of one participant one country, and at most two participants from one country.
Participants are expected to bring data of their own countries in order to facilitate real population projection exercises during the workshop.
7. Application:
Interested candidates are required to fill in the application form and submit to organizers through by 20th July 2019. The accepted participants will be notified by 20th August, 2019.
A selection panel consisting of CPDRC and UNFPA staff will be set up to review the submitted applications.
8. Funding arrangement:
This workshop will not charge tuition for participation.
The participants are expected to cover their international travel costs. The organizers have a limited amount of financial resources to cover the accommodations and meals of participants in need. Please indicate whether and which item(s) you will request support for in your application form.
9. Teaching Language: Chinese and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.
10. For any queries, please contact PDSSC at, Tel and Fax: 8610-62179124.