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The UN Procurement Practitioner’s Handbook (PPH) has been prepared by the “Working Group on Professional Development”, formed by the United Nations High-Level Committee on Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM-PN).

The PPH is available in electronic format on the United Nations Global Marketplace website

The aim of the handbook is to serve the following purposes:

  • Provide UN procurement practitioners with a common reference point for good procurement practices in the UN system.
  • Describe the common and typical guiding principles, policies, procedures and practices which govern UN procurement activities.
  • Support on-going procurement reform and harmonization efforts in the UN system through the provision of good practice examples and shared principles and procedures.
  • Establish a common knowledge platform for training and on-going procurement capacity development.

The target audiences of the PPH are:

  • Procurement practitioners in the UN system of organizations
  • Trainers, facilitators and participants of procurement capacity development programs
  • Requisitioners, clients and end-users that are part of the UN procurement process