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The 5th China International Maternal & Child Health Development Forum Opens

On November 18, the 5th China International Maternal & Child Health Development Forum and the 2nd Maternal & Child Health Industry Expo were held ceremoniously at Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. More than 2,000 participants were present at the grant meeting, including the leaders of National Health and Family Planning Commission, representatives of the United Nations Population Fund, World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund, and Save the Children and other international organizations, the leaders of provincial and municipal health administrations, the Managing Director and directors of Maternal and Child Health Care of China Association (CMCHA), executives, experts and medical workers of nationwide maternal and child healthcare institutions at all levels, as well as representatives of media and enterprises.

In the opening speech, Zhang Wenkang, President of CMCHA, expressed special thanks to all walks of life for their supports and helps to CMCHA, and reviewed the development guideline and achievements of CMCHA over the past five years since its founding.

Dr. Arie Hoekman, representative of United Nations Population Fund, delivered a speech at the Forum. He said, the United Nations Population Fund has made concerted efforts with all countries in maternal and newborn fields to achieve the fourth and fifth millennium development goals, and reached a worldwide consensus that “each woman and child has the right to enjoy healthcare services”. In China, United Nations Foundation, children’s organizations and CMCHA have established a successful partnership, which is highlighted by CMCHA’s wide network and professional medical guidance in the maternal and child healthcare field. In the past two decades, China has become one of the few countries that significantly reduced the maternal and children mortality (as evidenced by declines in the infant mortality from 50.2% in 1990s to 19.5% and the mortality of children aged under 5 from 61% to 12.2%). Of course, there is so much work left to be done in China, such as “how to let migrant population to enjoy equal maternal and infant healthcare services”, how to meet the needs of young people for sexual and reproductive health information and services, and “how to reduce cesarean section rate”. In the future, United Nations Population Fund will continuously work with CMCHA and other organizations to push the development of China’s maternal and child health cause.

Zhang Meiying, Vice Chairperson of the 11th CPPCC National Committee and Honorary Chairperson of CMCHA, , Qi Mingqiu, Secretary of Party Group of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Liu Yinyan, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commissionand other leaders and guests also attended and gave speeches at the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, CMCHA issued the plaques of appreciation to units that have given supports to CMCHA since its establishment, that have made excellent achievements and outstanding contributions to CMCHA and its projects. UNFPA was one of the agencies for its support to improving China’s midwifery.