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Request for Proposals: Designing and Delivering the 2nd National Youth Champions Workshop

13 九月 2019

Beijing, China


UNFPA China is requesting for proposals for designing and delivering the 2nd National Youth Champions Workshop. If you are interested, please kindly submit your proposal (no more than 5 pages long) before 13 September 2019 to and copy

Terms of References for an Implementing Agency to
Design and Deliver the Second National Youth Champions Workshop



UNFPA - The United Nations Population Fund, works on population dynamics, sexual and reproductive health, youth development and gender equality. Headquartered in New York, UNFPA started working in China in 1979 and has been promoting social development and equity in China for nearly 40 years. For the past four decades, UNFPA has established a close partnership with government agencies, NGOs, experts, and media. 

Promoting youth development, especially promoting youth leadership and participation is key to UNFPA’s work in China and globally. In the past decade, UNFPA has been cooperating with National Health Commission, China Family Planning Association, Peking University, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to carry out youth capacity building trainings and workshops, experience sharing events, and social development programs, providing young people with platforms and opportunities to realize their potential.

About Beifang International Education Group 

Beifang International Education Group (BIEG) is a Chinese private education group founded in 2013, made up of privately owned and operated post-secondary schools. 

BIEG currently operates 16 undergraduate universities, two higher vocational colleges and two middle schools across 16 provinces and municipalities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Hubei. Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Ningxia, with a combined student body of over 200,000. 

BIEG is actively focused on expanding the scope of international cooperation and improving the level of education on a global scale. The group has signed cooperation agreements with hundreds of universities around the world to implement joint training programmes for talented students of all levels. BIEG currently has five overseas offices in Victoria, Vancouver, Los Angeles, London and Sydney to help facilitate this, and has established several educational centers, including the Victoria Intercultural Center, Bowen Island Marine Culture Center, Silicon Valley Science and Technology Innovation Center, and Los Angeles Hollywood Film Media Center. In order to help cultivate innovative, internationally-minded talent, BIEG sends over 5,000 students every year to attend overseas exchange and postgraduate programs, giving them access to high-quality education resources across the globe.

About UNFPA and BIEG’s partnership

UNFPA and BIEG initiated the partnership in 2018, in order to promote youth leadership and participation, through offering young people with capacity building trainings and participation opportunities, so that they can grow to become a responsible global citizen. In December 2018, UNFPA and BIEG officially launched the partnership in Shanghai Lida University with participations of government officials, young people, international organization representatives, media and celebrities. 

About the National Youth Champions Workshop

Youth involvement in the community and the society facilitates positive social changes, including structures, policies and procedures that are demand-driven to address the needs of their communities and groups, now and in the future. UNFPA and BIEG hope to provide youth champions the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the comprehensive “Youth Champions Workshop.” The workshop will introduce to the youth champions the importance of youth involvement in advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), and motivate them to take proactive actions in changing the community they live in.

The first National Youth Champions Workshop was co-organized by UNFPA and BIEG in March 2019. 40 young leaders from BIEG universities and UNFPA’s youth network participated in a 4-day workshop and have largely gained their knowledge in international development, UNFPA’s vision and missions, and youth leadership and development. The overall satisfaction rate of the overall workshop was 97% out of 100%.  

To continue the impact of the Youth Champions Workshop and to empower more young leaders through capacity building, UNFPA and BIEG plan to co-host the second Youth Champions Workshop in Beijing from October 16th to October 21st 2019. Around 40 young people (youth champions) will be rigorously selected from BIEG universities, based on their passions for UNFPA’s mandate, relevant experiences and their continued commitment to international development. The 5-day workshop will have several objectives, as illustrated the following:

1.    To create a network of youth champions with the coordination system agreed and activated. The network will enable youth champions to support each other, share their experiences and explore collaborations in the future;
2.    To familiarize youth champions with UNFPA’ mandate and its work, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, the youth champions are expected to become UNFPA student ambassadors in their respective communities, to advocate for UNFPA’s mandate, such as adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality, and youth leadership;
3.    To improve youth champions’ leadership capacity. In order to support the youth champions to lead social change activities, the workshop will have significant components to improve their relevant skillsets, such as communication skills, advocacy skills, networking skills, and project planning and implementation skills.
4.    To equip youth champions with creativities and capabilities of generating ideas and proposals into actions, influencing young people around them and constructing solutions for social challenges especially for SRHR and youth development issues.

An implementing agency should design and deliver the second national youth champions workshop that meets the above-mentioned workshop objectives, in collaboration with UNFPA and BIEG.


1.    Upon consultations with UNFPA and BIEG, develop a five-day workshop module that meets the workshop objectives;
2.   Assemble a diverse and experienced facilitators team that is capable of delivering the workshop together, taking advantage of each facilitator’s expertise;
3.    Deliver the workshop together with the facilitators’ team, in accordance with the plan;
4.    Connect the results of the first youth championship workshop with the second one by engaging alumni from the first workshop to the new batch of participants;
5.   Develop a monitoring and evaluation mechanism that can be managed by BIEG and UNFPA for the workshop; establish tracking methods to follow up the results and deliverables of participants’ group projects after the workshop and measure their impact.
6.    Write a report to document the workshop preparation process, implementation and its outcome;


1.    At least 5 years’ experience in designing and implementing trainings relevant to adolescent sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, population and development, and youth leadership and youth development;
2.    In-depth understanding of the SDGs, UNFPA’s mandate and its work in China, especially in youth development issues;
3.    Well connected with resourceful persons and other facilitators in the field of youth development, adolescent health, and youth networks;
4.    Fluent in both Chinese and English;
5.    Previous working experience with the UN is an asset;
6.    Innovative, can-do attitude, and detail-oriented;


The ToR covers 3 days’ workshop preparation, 5 days’ workshop delivery, and 2 days’ evaluation and reporting


The first part of the funding (40% of total) will be dispatched upon the submission of a proposal, and the second part of the funding (60% of total) will be dispatched upon the submission of the event report on documenting the workshop preparation process, implementation and its outcome.

If you are interested, please kindly submit your proposal (no more than 5 pages long) before 13 September 2019 to and copy