2019 年对于中国和联合国人口基金来说都是特别的一年。

2019 年是中华人民共和国成立70 周年。中国曾经是位列全球贫困榜的国家,如今发展成为全球第二大经济体。中国提高和改善亿万国人生活福祉的成就为世人所称道。中国在过去40 年间使7.4 亿人摆脱贫困。

2019 年是联合国人口基金成立50 周年、联合国人口基金在华合作40 周年,也是国际人口与发展大会召开25 周年。1994 年的国际人口与发展大会第一次将妇女的权利和选择置于可持续发展的中心。

回顾1979 年,中国这一人口大国当时正面临着严峻的贫困和卫生健康问题。也正是这一年,中国政府开始与联合国人口基金展开合作,这一合作标志着中国在人口领域首次接受来自国际机构的援助。


2019 is a special year for both China and UNFPA.

It marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which used to be among the poorest countries but has now developed into the world’s second largest economy and is notable for the improved well-being of its population, as 740 million citizens were lifted out of poverty over the last 40 years.

2019 marks also 50 years since UNFPA began operations worldwide, 40 years since UNFPA started working in China, and 25 years since the landmark International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo, which for the first time put women’s rights and choices at the center of sustainable development.

Back in 1979, China’s huge population was facing significant poverty and poor health issues. The Government of China for the first time received assistance from an international organization in relation to population issues.


UNFPA is the UN agency for sexual and reproductive health and rights. We work with broad range of partners including governments, civil society organizations, academia, and also persons with disabilities to promote sexual and reproductive health information and services for all including women and young people with disabilities.




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Dr. Babatunde Ahonsi, UNFPA Representative in China recently sat down with CGTN (China Global Television Network) anchor Ms. Liu Xin , to discuss the 40 years of cooperation between UNFPA and China.




Population aging has become a global trend, to which China isn't immune. Effective from 1982, trying to develop the policies and programs to promote the learning, social participation, and also the health of the older adults, we have seen rapid development. Check out this CGTN video and have a look at why China can support the elderly so well.